Monday, August 07, 2006


Obviously, sometime in the future I will be retaliating with something along the lines of an extreme close-up of Jeff's back hair, but for now, something equally furry that is much, much cuter:

This little fella is the newest addition to our family! Well, in two weeks at least - he still needs to be neutered. We picked him up from Friends for Life, which is an animal rescue in Makaha run by a very nice couple named Lanny and Yamit. We were told little "Braveheart/Scrappy" (we're going to rename him after we figure out something suitable for his personality) was abused and probably dropped off at the beach park - which is why his right eye is squinty. He is a very affectionate little dog, and Jeff and I are very excited about providing a happy home for him! We should be getting him in the same timeframe Zeke gets here, so they both will be adjusting at the same time. We were sold on him almost immediately because he is little and has been living around a whole bunch of cats.

After that, Jeff and I decided to play on the leeward side of the island for a bit. We went out to Kaena Point (left) to visit where our little fella came from. The terrain there is volcanic and very rocky. My flip flops survived the rockiness; however, I blew one out in the sand and gravel on the way back to the car. It reminded us of a Jimmy Buffett song!

Oh, and speaking of the car, I am finally delivering on the promised Mini photo. Jeff's in the car but you can't see him that well, and no, he wasn't preparing to drive it over the cliff. Not that I know of, anyway.

We drove back toward Makaha beach to check out Kaneana, the cave home of the shark man, Nanaue. The cave pictures didn't turn out so well because it was dark in the cave and a flash only goes so far. But suffice to say, the cave was very cave-like, kind of drippy, a little cooler than the outside temperature, etc. We did not see any shark men, unfortunately; now, that would have made for a good picture! The picture to the right is just of the marker and description of the cave, which is across the street and behind some ugly yellow cement blocker things.
As we were taking the picture of the marker at Kaneana, we were adopted by the little brown dog to the left. As I was getting in the car, she decided she was also getting in the car and just jumped right in! Jeff and I were surprised at how good-natured she was, but she had no collar - just a chain around her neck - and no owners in sight, as we were alone on the side of the road. So after only a moment's discussion, we called back Lanny and Yamit to see if they had room for one more - they, of course, were happy to take here, so we gave her a ride. The dog looked like she'd possibly been hit in the face, was a bit smelly and red around one of her eyes. We dropped her off at Friends for Life, realizing that we probably would have kept her if we hadn't adopted a pooch just a couple hours before. So we ended up rescuing two doggies instead of just one, and we hope "Jessi" ends up finding a good home! I'm posting a picture of her because she's our almost dog - but we definitely wouldn't have room for two in our tiny place!!!

After that, Jeff and I were famished and ended up eating at Southern Swell Barbecue in Waianae. It was a little hole in the wall place with a screened in porch right on the beach, perfect for watching a sunset - and they had delicious burgers and "plantation" tea (which I thought would be good old fashioned sweet tea, but I think they probably could have called it DOLE plantation tea because it had yummy tropical things in it). Then we hung out on the beach as the sun set and watched some kids playing in the waves.


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