Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Classes and such

I was finally allowed to register for my classes today. I don't really have the best feeling about UH's chemistry department. Biology was great. I wanted to register for the class one above the "this is a frog, this is a human being, and we all have cells" class, which I needed department approval to do. Easily enough, I called the department and spoke to a nice man named Derek who lifted the online restriction after I gave him a short explanation, and then he gave me an override into a lab that was full - luckily, a lab that starts shortly after the lecture is over, which means at the moment, I only have to drive to Manoa Monday, Wednesday and Friday (for 8:30am class, which really stinks, but there isn't much I can do about it. It looks like I'll be waking up the same time as Jeff this semester!). Derek gets a gold star.

Chemistry was the same sort of deal - they have "Chemistry for someone who has no idea what a beaker is" as introductory level - and I am not sure this class would qualify as a prerequisite for a physician assistant program (but if it does - SIGN ME UP!!!) and then "General Chemistry," which was the one I wanted to sign up for, especially since "CFSWHNIWABI" lecture and labs were already full. So I called the department around 8, no answer, and left a voicemail. It was returned around 9. I took the same route - "I have already graduated from college and don't need this class for a degree. I took three chemistry classes in high school and aced all of them, so I'd prefer starting with something a little more challenging." I got told "You'll have to take the placement exam." So I called back and said, okay, give me an override into CHEM 151, of course, on their voicemail, and now it's 10, and I still have no word back.

WHAT? Placement exam? I think I could understand that, maybe if I were an undergrad seeking a degree; however, what difference does it make to a university which classes I take as an unclassified student? They're going to get paid whether I pass or fail, and it's not like I need "CFSWHNIWABI" to graduate (although, like I said, if I can get away with taking elementary chemistry as one of my prereqs, give me an override and I am there!!!)! So after a few minutes of being slightly irked at the concept of graphing calculators and #2 pencils all over again, I decided I'll head up to UH on Thursday and give it a whirl. I'll probably pick up a chemistry for dummies type book at the library to brush up first...

At least I have my biology class taken care of.


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