Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We drove down to NC for the weekend to visit my parents (Mom's birthday was the 7th!) and Nikki, Josh and Mia in Charlotte. It was a LOT of driving, and we were pretty exhausted afterward, but it was worth it. I snapped this adorable shot of Jeff with Squishy (dog) and Lulu (cat) and figured it was worth sharing, especially with people who don't have many pictures of Jeff. I think the trip was just what we needed to refocus ourselves on getting the apartment organized!

We're going to have a very busy March as far as visitors and trips - it should be fun, and we'll be sure to update.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Who's Bad? Not the Zoo...

We had quite the full day on Saturday, including visiting the National Zoological Park. Jess was most fascinated with the big cats, but Jeff thought the pandas were fantastic.
Later into the evening we drove up to the Santa Fe Cafe in College Park, MD to see Who's Bad?, the Michael Jackson tribute band. Jess's friend Ray McCall plays trumpet, sings and dances. The group is highly energetic and fantastic, so it made for a long night. There's a picture of them covering "Thriller" at the end of the post; you can probably tell by the dancing. Ray is the one on the right in the shredded black shirt.

We've started a Washington, D.C. album on our Photobucket site where we've uploaded pictures from both the zoo trip and the Who's Bad show. Jess is trying to monkey around with video posting so we can show off how awesome Who's Bad is. For now, it's just a still...

-- j&j

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Fat Tuesday

Jeff and I went out with some of my work buddies for Fat Tuesday at a place called Cafe Citron. Just thought I would post a couple of pictures in case you forgot what we look like... The picture to the right is me with Katie and Heather, the audiologists at the office. These are smaller pics because I got them from a website of Heather's.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

6 More Weeks...

Happy Groundhog Day!!!

Jeff has actually started going into work on a regular basis, although he hasn't officially begun work, so he gets home early in the afternoon every day. Jess has worked several weeks already, and her schedule is solidifying into three days a week, plus whatever she chooses to do as far as research. She skipped work (with approval, of course), to take a professional CPR course with the Red Cross.

We're almost settled, but haven't really done anything exciting. Maybe soon.

-- J&J