Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Delights

Jeff had a four-day Labor Day weekend; Jess had three days off. Due to the time off, Jess took the Amtrak down from Philadelphia to DC for a weekend away from studying and kitty-cats (they were fine upon return home).

Through a whirlwind-weekend, we visited the US Capitol Building (rotunda, right) and the Library of Congress, (left) both of which are within walking distance of Jeff's new apartment, on Saturday morning. Although the architecture and history behind the Capitol are interesting, the LOC is almost overwhelming in detail; we know there are books somewhere, but the Great Hall only has a few (including a Gutenberg Bible). We soon decided, however interesting books are, lunch was much desired, and walked over to Bullfeathers for burgers, fries and beer.

After a lazy (due to gluttony) Saturday night, we met up with Jason, Kelly, Danielle, and Jason's friend Byron on Sunday for Champagne Brunch at the Fort Belvoir Officer's Club. After stuffing ourselves full of delicious meats, fruits and pastries, who would have imagined that we would ever get hungry again! However, at least one more meal was on order, and we walked down to eat a late Mediterranean dinner at Cava Mezze, which has fantastic whipped feta with jalapeno (called Crazy feta) and asparagus large enough to prompted several minutes of discussion - why can't we get such great-quality asparagus delivered to the home?

Closing with one of the two statues Hawaii contributed to the Capitol building; it is the heaviest out of all 100 of the statues from the fifty states.

--j & j