Saturday, October 24, 2009

Body Worlds 2 and Terror Behind the Walls

Jeff made a trip to Philadelphia last weekend for a couple of nights. Saturday was incredibly busy with a trip to The Franklin Institute in order to see Body Worlds 2. While the exhibit would have been interesting enough, it was even more so with Jess able to point out obscure anatomy that she is familiar with from school.

After lunch at Machismo Burrito Bar, we napped away a rainy afternoon in preparation for Terror Behind the Walls at the Eastern State Penitentiary. Although we had to wait for an hour in order to catch a bus to the building, then another hour to get into the show, it was very worth the wait; the atmosphere of a deteriorating prison makes for a great haunted house. The majority of the tour isn't haunted so much as startling, and includes five sections: intake, lock down, the infirmary, the experiment, and night watch. The staff gives out flashlights for night watch, and you navigate through the halls with no ambient light, although lock down was the most disturbing section. We'll totally go back next year.
- j&j