Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend 2

This was Jeff's last weekend in San Diego; he flew out to Hawaii yesterday. The time difference is going to be interesting to deal with, but luckily it is only for a month. But time is going by soo sloowlllyyyy; I am tired of all of the planning and am ready to be out there with him!

I had a pretty busy weekend, of course, paring down seven years worth of stuff for the move, but I also had a gig with my second job as an independently-contracted television crew member. This time, I was working at the Gamecocks vs. Gators baseball game, the third of a series. I was operating the FoxBox, which is the icon on the top of the screen that tells you what bases runners are on, the score, the inning, the number of outs and the count. Unlike stage managing, it requires some skill other than barking out orders and bossing people around! I enjoyed it; it got a little hectic at times because the equipment wasn't exactly reliable, but I was able to stay interested. USC had a great game and won 21 to 4!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Flashback photo!

Nikki took this picture of the two of us a million years ago. Okay, so not really a million years ago, but I think it was 2002 or 2003. Jeff always makes me laugh like an insane person when people are trying to take pictures of us. I'm still curious about the wedding photos!


Monday, March 20, 2006

Wedding Registry

Jess and I registered for our wedding/future housewarming at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Our registry # is 2230767.



While I was waiting for my flight from Honolulu to Cincinatti, OH, which left about three and a half hours after Jeff's flight, I was wandering around the airport and saw that the bathroom symbols were wearing Hawaiian apparel. This, of course, amused me to no end, and I decided that I MUST get a picture. I came out of the restroom with my camera aimed and ready to go, hoping no one would see how ridiculously touristy I was being (when really I am just very easily amused). I thought I had managed to sneakily perfom this task completely unseen, when an airport security guard came around the corner, saw me with my camera, smiled at me and said, "It IS pretty cute, isn't it!"

I spent part of my first weekend as a married woman in Beaufort, SC with my friends Nikki and Justine from Charlotte and Tracey from here in town cheering on my friend Brandon in the Parris Island Marine Corps triathlon. Nikki is doing Team in Training this year, so it's particularly of interest to her, and I want to give her as much help and advice as I can while I can still do it! It's different hearing things from someone who went from sedentary to triathlete as opposed to an Ironman coach - so I am glad that I've been able to help her out a bit.

My parents came to town this weekend, so they, Casey, Amber and I stuck to all those Columbia traditions we've made, including zonking out early watching sports and eating brunch at Lizard's Thicket. I seriously doubt they will have the thick, white Southern gravy and biscuits anywhere in Hawaii. Probably no sweet tea, either. What are we doing?!

And I think the cats realize that they are about to have to spend long periods of time on a plane; they both are acting schizophrenic.


Thursday, March 16, 2006


Greetings and welcome to our blog!

We got married at Waimanalo Beach March 12th at 6:40 AM. We woke up early at the Hawaii Prince Hotel in Waikiki. Well, I woke up early because I had to put on makeup and such; Jeff doesn't have to work quite so hard to look pretty. We had a delicious and nutritious mini breakfast of chow mein noodles and kona coffee. For some reason those chow mein noodles hung out in the hotel with us, right on the coffee table, for the rest of our stay; perhaps the housekeeping staff thought we might want to revisit them after a couple days.

The drive from the hotel took something like 45 minutes, and we had to get there early for pictures, so we left around 5:20. Neither of us had a clue how to get to the H1 going east, so Jeff just started going east and hoped we'd run into it eventually. Which we did. Kind of. After we stopped to ask a gas station attendant for directions, anyway. But Jeff was headed the right way, so we would have hit it eventually. We were just running slightly late.

When we got to the park, the gate was closed and the photographer (David) was waiting outside of it in his rusty white van, so our lateness didn't count anyway!

We posed for pictures for a while (it was very windy and it rained a little) and David called Captain Howie so he could do the ceremony. Captain Howie showed up a little while later wearing a flowered sarong, a loose turquoise collared shirt, some beaded leis, and he was barefooted except a Band-aid on his right toe. His head was completely shaved bald except a little tuft of wild grey hair in the back. He blew a conch shell and did the ceremony impromptu, and really, it was perfect. I'd recommend him and David to just about anyone!

We drove back and actually noticed the scenery this time - lots of mountains on a road that curved right along the shore, completely gorgeous! We were both starving at that point and had a delicious breakfast at the hotel.

House hunt
We started looking for houses on Saturday. It was a very long day! We saw a couple that we liked, but one really stood out. It was in Mililani; a ground floor condo with a neat patio in the back where you could hear a stream running and all these birds chirping (picture of backyard view at right). It needed very minimal improvements - 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, 2 parking spots, new carpet, neat window seat in the master bedroom, and a great, open kitchen (left). The kitchen sink was a little less than ideal, but other than that, we loved it! Regardless, we saw a friend of one of his friend's place in Waikele (which is closer, but the place felt more like an apartment and didn't have the view - it was right on a golf course and near the outlet mall!), a couple more high-rises, and a very nice two-story townhouse in a golf course development. We discussed the pros and cons of each and decided on the one in Mililani. Both of us are a bit wary of the infamous traffic on the island, but a place like this is worth braving a bit of a drive. He put an offer on it, and it was accepted!

I am back in Columbia until early May and he's in San Diego until the end of March when he heads to Hawaii, which is definitely interesting as a married couple. Needless to say there was a ruckus at work when I came back sporting a wedding band (and I'll give Jeff lots of credit - he picked out a really nice one)! Now I just have to get everything together and taken care for the move, including coralling two cats for interesting vet visits.