Friday, August 18, 2006

Chemistry and bus adventures

I passed the placement exam with 100%, so my class schedule for the semester is:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 0830-0915 Introductory Biology
Monday 0930-1215 Introductory Biology Lab
Monday/Wednesday/Friday 1430-1520 General Chemistry I
Thurday (GROAN, special trip just for lab!) 0900-1145 General Chemistry I Lab

Which means there will be pretty enormous spans of time between biology and chemistry that I will have to find something interesting around campus to fill...

Another highlight of the day was that I managed to take the bus from Mililani to UH Manoa without ending up somewhere weird. I can get a cheaper bus pass as a student, and it will be worth it to avoid the wasted time and energy in downtown traffic, the expensive parking permit, and the hassle of parking the car on campus. Honolulu isn't nearly so bad if you aren't the one driving! I think almost being forced to study by the long bus ride will do wonders for my grades.

There were some very interesting characters on the bus. There was a hippie from the North Shore who told me stories about snagging MREs from the dumpsters at Bellows and claimed the chicken soup was by far the best. He had long straggly hair, big glasses, and an old concert ticket stub encased in plastic (maybe a backstage pass) around his neck. When we made the transfer at King Street, he greeted the most distinct-looking man I think I've seen - he was very, very tall with black hair cut like the Beatles and a pencil-thin mustache. He conversed with the hippie guy about his latest sighting of Elvis on the North Shore without even the slightest hint of irony. When the Elvis/Beatles guy caught the bus, he hippie guy told me, yeah, he's a cool guy, but he believes Elvis is still alive. All this while he was eating a chicken soup MRE with his fingers and rolling a cigarette. Then the bus arrived. "Man, I always have just about enough time to take two puffs," he said.

I think I'll like taking the bus.


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