Friday, January 18, 2008


I'm skipping ahead in time and bypassing some of the other posts I wanted to do: I'll come back and write about our time recently, including our trip to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Our stuff arrived, and unpacking has been a full time job.

I've wanted a method of keeping track of all the books that we have. Both Jess and I love to read, and we amassed a significant library over our lives. While unpacking boxes, I've found books I didn't even know we owned, which prompted me to try to organize all these things. Internet browsing brought me to GuruLib, which is an online category of books, movies, music, and video games. I've recorded a small amount of what we have, and I'll continue to add to the database, but hopefully this will provide easier than going Dewey.

- Jeff

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas presents

Jeff and I printed out the Hawaii photographs we gave out as Christmas presents on, and I planned to give out the link to the entire album in case anyone didn't like the ones we chose for them (note: if your frame broke and scratched the picture, we'll reorder the photo for you - just let us know if you want the same picture or one of the others). These are just pictures we took for the express purpose of blowing them up and framing them, so if you've seen one in the blog you like more, let me know. We're not trying to copyright anything, so if anyone else wants to use them for their own evil purposes, be our guests. Snapfish does a good job printing and the prices are pretty reasonable, but if you want to use a different company, give me an email and I will send you the original shot so you won't have to compromise any megabits.


We'll do a real update soon. Feel free to comment on the pictures!


Friday, January 04, 2008

One more (small) thing...

Jess neglected to mention that we became an Aunt and Uncle just after Christmas. Kelly and Jason are the proud parents of Danielle as of 27 December.

- Jeff

...and, we're back!

Did you miss us?

We've moved into our new place in Alexandria, VA. It's very nice - good location and brand new; we've been spending this week acquiring new pieces of furniture and personal touches to make it feel more like home (which is pretty difficult in the absence of our furniture). Zeke is acclimating nicely, although Jess occasionally questions his sanity when he pesters to go on the balcony.

Jeff's heading back to work Monday, and Jess will be starting at Metropolitan ENT next week. She's looking forward to the research aspect and the change of pace.

Jeff put up curtains in the bedroom today. Don't they look pretty? Okay, the picture is a bit backlit, so come for a visit and check them out for yourself.

Our address has, of course, changed. Give us an email if you want it!

--jess & jeff