Monday, July 24, 2006

Crazy mountain ridge hike

Annie and I did a very strenuous hike in Kailua/Lanikai today. I didn't bring the camera along, but these were the kind of views that you'd really have to have a camera that went 360 degrees to capture appropriately. So you'll have to just trust me on this one. We went uphill steeply for what seemed like forever. When we got to a spot that was flatter, we were at the top of a mountain and walking on a three-to-five feet wide trail at the tip top of a mountain ridge. Luckily I am not distressed by heights, because on either side of the trail, there were drops of over 1,000 feet (this is an estimate, but we were on a very tall mountain). There was a wonderful breeze at the top, which was a relief after the very hot climb up. And along the ridge, there were three different "pillboxes" that were used as lookouts during WWII. We only made it to the first one because it was hot, we were out of water, and, well, I wasn't in good enough shape to go farther! I'll definitely have to hit the climbing wall before I try that one again - and I will do it again. We could see everything on that side of the island from up there, Lanikai, various islands offshore, Naval ships doing exercises, people in boats, people golfing, big houses, little houses, just about everything. Breathtaking. Afterward we had Hawaiian shaved ice and took a swim. All-in-all a great Sunday, and I'll have to take Jeff sometime!


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Back from the East Coast

Well, I am back from the East Coast and trying to put up some pictures, but my computer doesn't seem as good about accomplishing that as Jeff's at the moment. But I am back, and I will try to do an html link to the album: here and hope that works. Otherwise, I will fiddle around a bit and try to get things working, and until then you can copy and paste this url for some pictures of my family in Emerald Isle, NC.

Other than that, I have been sleeping off my jet lag and trying to get things in order at the house. Our bedroom furniture is FINALLY coming in today, and I am also working on various little projects like curtains and other crafty things (hot glue guns are awesome). I love being able to use my sewing machine - it just sucks that we have it in a carpeted room that sucks up lint and thread like there's no tomorrow! Eventually I'll post some pictures of the handiwork for the people who won't make it out to the island. And I am meeting with my new manager at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf today to work out an orientation schedule. I am glad I will be able to learn all the drinks before I start school; it would probably be difficult trying to keep coffee beverages and introductory chemistry separate...


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Jess's stuff arrives in Hawaii

They ended up delivering my stuff from Columbia early! Now we just need to wait for our bedroom furniture, which is also taking a year...