Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy 2009!

It was nice to get back to the Carolinas for the holidays. Every time we go, we remember how much we loved living in Columbia - the slow pace, the lack of horrible traffic, the nice people... the exact opposite of the D.C. area! Pictured right are me and my two best friends from college - a very pregnant Janice (she's due this month!) and Nikki. I thought it was pretty amusing that we were all bespectacled and nerdy looking; I'd been having trouble putting in my contacts for a couple days at that point.

We cut our trip to Columbia a little short because I ended up with a nasty sinus infection and pinkeye, and my one of my childhood docs from back home was able to work me in - which was SUPER nice of her. Picture at left pretty much shows the way I spent most of the time at my parents' - in my penguin pajamas with Zoe curled up on me. They traveled pretty well, by the way, and as you can see, they had no problems making themselves at home (although Zoe took a while to get comfortable with anyone other than Jeff and me). Zeke, of course, was all over the house from the moment we let him out of the carrier and probably would have been equally happy staying with my parents, especially since there's a lot more room in their new house for him to carouse. Sorry, Zeke! The picture at the bottom is him hanging out with my mom.

We played it pretty low key for New Year since I was still recovering.

Yesterday we gave Zoe a manicure - we don't want to declaw her, but she likes to use her claws a bit. So if you zoom in the top picture, she's wearing red "press on nails", she's all wet from a bath, AND she's sticking her tongue out!

Here's wishing everyone a great 2009!