Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fourth of July, Hawaiian style!

Fourth of July was pretty great. Kris's friend Neeli flew in from Atlanta, and the three of us hung out at Kahala Beach (for those of you who haven't heard of Kahala, it's the the neighborhood where ridiculously wealthy people live, and there is this exclusive fancy hotel where the rich and famous stay, fun fun fun). The water was clear and gorgeous; unfortunately I forgot the camera, but pictures were taken and should be emailed later.

Afterward, we went to Island Burger for Lava Flows and (of course) island burgers and watched fireworks from the parking deck at Ala Moana. That wasn't planned well; we were unable to get out of the parking deck afterward because construction clogged traffic up so badly. So we ended up getting dessert; Neeli was practically falling asleep in her ice cream!

And now for another picture of Zeke falling asleep in a very unnatural looking position - I'm going to have to teach him to do his kitty yoga when he's not quite so tired!


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