Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jeff Spotting - Port Vila, Vanuatu

Paul Hamilton anchored in Port Vila, Vanuatu (most visibly known recently for Survivor 9) for liberty. Compared to all the other ports we stopped at, this one had an island style about it (go figure that it’s a group of islands), so was reminiscent of Hawaii, which only augmented my desire to return home all the sooner. We took an opportunity to enjoy the warm island air and explore the outdoor markets the first day, then headed to Eaton Beach the second day for a bit of relaxation and hiking. The beach was just off a little freshwater creek that provided really cold currents to the otherwise incredibly pleasant water, and although it was low tide, there was still some good free diving to see up close some of the most brilliantly blue fish I’ve ever seen (I’ve tried to find a picture online as I didn’t have an underwater camera, and I think they were either Blue Devil Damsels or Fiji Devil Damsels).


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