Monday, May 07, 2007

Jeff Spotting: Maizuru, Japan

Lots of Japan port calls! Maizuru was better than Wakayama, at least from the standpoint that there was more opportunity to enjoy it.

The sailors of the PAUL HAMILTON had a chance to work with the JMSDF to clean the Kyoraku Park in a Community Relations event. We actually do something along these lines in just about every port we go to, and usually the number of volunteers quickly exceeds the number of spots available. This event had a larger cap, so I put myself on the list.

Later that day, a few of us took the train into Kyoto, which is famous in part due to the 1997 signing of the Kyoto Protocol, which is a multi-nation agreement to reduce Green House Gases. Although we didn't review or sign any agreements, we wandered the downtown area an date dinner at a fantastic "cook your own meat on a hot stone in the middle of the table" restaurant.

I think I've been fooled into eating mushrooms several times in several of eating establishments: Normally I avoid them as best as possible, but when they're in everything, and half the stuff that is served is unfamiliar, it seems difficult to bypass them.

I borrowed the above shot of the cheery tree and the below shot of the waterfall from someone on the ship: they are unfortunately un-attributed.


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