Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Today I was taking a strenuous walk up the big hill on our street, when just a little past our house, I heard some rustling in the woods near the stream. I stopped and looked, and there were two feral pigs and a chicken! Ever since Jeff told me that feral pigs like to hang out on this side of the island, I have been hoping I'd spot one, and there they were, looking just like normal pigs except for black, and they weren't in the typical farmhouse pen and wallowing around in the mud, rather, they were rooting around in the bushes! I had to wonder if the chicken was their tour guide; is there one chicken for every set of feral pigs, or were the pigs chasing the chicken or vise versa? Are they in cahoots? Are they planning a Animal Farm style uprising on our lanai while we're sleeping?

But, yes, I am thrilled that I have spotted the ellusive feral pig, so now all I have left on my Oahu scavenger hunt are waterfalls, whales, and sharks. Not the normal sharks you can see in the aquarium - the big, scary man-eating kind - but hopefully not when we're swimming.


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