Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kailua waterfall

Jeff's underway again this week. I've kept myself pretty busy, considering I still don't have a job or any real prospects!

Tuesday, Annie and I hiked to a waterfall in Kailua where you can climb up on the rock and jump off into this freshwater river. The hike was relatively easy, and it was a very popular spot for high schoolers to hang out. She took the picture to the left when I was about to jump off (I was wearing Jeff's shorts, teehee)!

Other than that, I've mostly been doing school-related stuff, that and staying on hold for an hour only to find out my stuff from Columbia has actually been on the island since June 16th and the earliest they'll deliver it is July 5th (the day before I leave for Indianapolis), which means it will have taken more than two months to get here. I guess I can't complain too much about July 5th; at least Jeff will have the stuff while I am gone and I can busy myself with organizing when I get back and he's gone, so maybe it'll go by quickly. I am just glad I had the foresight to pack my immunization record in my suitcase (it seemed weird at the time, but I knew it would come in handy!) because otherwise I would be waiting until all my stuff gets here to send in all my health paperwork - and I wouldn't be able to register for classes until everything was turned in to the university. Right now there are plenty of seats in the classes I need, but it looks like the biology lecture is going to be an 8:30am Monday/Wednesday/Friday, which is going to be particularly nasty since I have to drive or take a bus across the island to get to class! Sounds like I will be waking up around the same time as Jeff!!!

I'm finding it is difficult to get financial aid as a non-degree-seeking student; if anyone has any experience or advice, let me know!


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