Monday, May 01, 2006

Last couple weeks

Okay, I am slacking!

Weekend of the 21st: my best friend Nikki threw a wonderful going away party/wedding shower. I think around 20 people showed up over the course of the night. She made a yummy cake with turquoise sugar sprinkles for water, some tan ones for an island and brown long sprinkles that made up a palm tree. It was a ton of fun, and she did a great job. It was bittersweet because I knew that it would be years before I see some of them again, but that's why we have the Internet!

The last couple weeks have flown by, and I am finding myself surrounded by stuff I don't know what to do with!

Last weekend I went to Youngsville, Pennsylvania to visit my grandparents - when I say grandparents I mean my dad's dad Felix and my mom's mom Marian. My 20-year-old (well, more or less; her birthday is the 5th) cousin Kathleen picked me up at the airport in Buffalo (after a bit of a security hassle caused by booking in my married name when I haven't gotten a picture ID yet...) and we had a pleasant drive through upstate New York, through Jamestown to Youngsville. Grandpa was waiting out in the driveway when we got there. We talked a lot, had the fish at Richards, and Saturday Kathleen and I walked over to Grandma's and had some of her delicious blueberry muffins with hazelnut coffee. The four of us went to the Deerhead restaurant together that night and church Sunday. The flight back was uneventful, but I got back late to Zeke going berzerk! I mangled my glasses thoroughly while I was up there; yet another task on the to-do list!!!

While I was gone, Casey and Amber met my parents in Florence, SC with Anais. She does not ride well! Anais stayed with my parents in NC until Dad put her on a flight to Indianapolis this morning. Linsey's running the Feline Fat Camp up there with her and Jack; I fully expect to visit her sometime and see kitty treadmills and Jack and Anais wearing sweatbands and reading diet self-help books. So Zeke was on his own all day Sunday and insisted on pawing at the bedroom door and yowling until I agreed to let him snuggle with me. Hopefully he will adjust to being alone for a little bit and not drive Amber crazy this summer. We should be able to fly him to Hawaii in late August or early September.

I'll be flying out to join Jeff Sunday at 10:10am. Wednesday is my last day at work. Thursday they're coming to pack and move my things, and Friday I am going to escape to my parents place in Manning, SC for a couple of days while Casey and company move their stuff into my house.

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