Monday, May 08, 2006

Jess has arrived in Hawaii!

After a few delays at the airport, I made it to Honolulu around 7:30pm Hawaii time. The flight wasn't as bad this time; I had the entire center row of three seats to myself, so I put all the arms up, curled up and took a nap. I was nowhere near as exhausted as I was last time when Jeff picked me up, and I don't think the time change is going to be quite so hard to deal with since he gets up so early to head to work anyway. I just stayed up, did some yoga and a little reading, and took a little walk up the road to a place where I actually get cell coverage. I think we're going to have to do something about the phones; bear with us if we're not so great about keeping in contact via phone in the meantime.

We have Internet, in case you were wondering!

It was raining a bit when I got in last night, but now it is gorgeous, and I will probably take advantage of it! I forgot how much I loved the patio at this place...


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