Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cherry Blossom

We headed to D.C. to check out the cherry blossoms today. We figured that by going early on a blustery Sunday morning, we'd avoid some crowds, and sure enough, we were able to walk around and get some good shots without much difficulty (minus the crazy 10-mile runners that did it in the yucky weather).

I am going to make the excuse that my eyes look all puffy because my allergies are going wild here, but at least Jeff looks cute.

We also went to the Freer Gallery, where they had this awesome exhibit called the Peacock Room. The pictures don't do it justice because we couldn't use flash; just imagine them in peacock blue with gold leafing.

Feel free to check out our Washington, D.C. album on Photobucket for more pictures. I am closing with a picture of Zeke I thought was hilarious - Jeff was unimpressed, but since this is my entry, it gets included, yay!


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