Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Jeff Spotting: Guam

There is a Thai restaraunt in Guam called The Marianas Trench, whoes namesake is the deepest trench in the world, previously explored by the manned US Navy vessel Trieste in 1960 all the way down to 10912 meters (over 6.5 miles). I read not long ago that exploration has begun again within the last few years, although not by the US. The Thai food went deep as well.

The Paul Hamilton stopped there (Guam, not the trench) for about a week at the begining of April for some liberty. It is a nice area, but if I'd had a choice, I would have gone to any of the Hawaiian islands. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures worth posting, but if I come across something nice that someone else took, I'll put it up. I think it is about time to look at getting a new camera.


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