Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I hiked to Kaena Point Sunday - this time I wore my hiking boots and made it all the way. It was very worth it - I got to the end and saw where the water changes directions around the island. The waves were coming from the north, south and west and kind of crashing into each other so the water was calm around the rocks. The picture to the left is of two monk seals I saw lounging around. That wasn't the only wildlife I saw over there - on the way back, I saw some big splashes and stopped hiking. It was a humpback whale! I saw a second one a little farther down. It was a very worthwhile hike, in other words!

The next couple weeks are going to be ridiculously busy. I have my first test in chemistry Thursday, my first test in biology the following Monday, a biology lab test (which I find ludicrous, but what can you do) the next Wednesday, and an abnormal psych test the next day after that. All my classes give tests at the same time; it's no fun for me!

I'm scheduled to take the GRE April 14. Wish me luck!


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