Sunday, February 04, 2007

Jeff stuff

So now that I've posted on my parents' visit...

Those people who need to know any big news about Jeff are in the loop - I'm not really comfortable with advertising some things on the Internet. So if you have any questions that I don't answer on the blog, just give me an email!

The big news is that Jeff got his next assignment, and it is in Suitland, which is pretty much in Washington, D.C. I have been hoping for D.C. since we got here, so I am very excited. Apparently Jeff had a bit of competition, so I am very proud of him! I walked into Mililani and back to buy some things to make him a cake. This was pretty difficult; apparently I had momentarily lost my marbles because it is pretty much all hills going both directions for something like a million miles (okay, so I haven't measured, but I do know it's about a mile just to get up the hill from our place, and it has to be at least three times that). I was pretty exhausted, BUT, I don't know many people who can say they've taken a hilly hike with a backpack full of cake mix, icing, and a dozen eggs...and no, I didn't crack any of them. I don't think the cake was anything to write home about, but Jeff was under threat of death (okay, guilt trip) if he said he didn't like it. Bwahahahaha. I am not really sure about what Jeff's job is, only that it is a shore tour, so I will see a lot more of him. I'll be applying to George Washington University. Wish me luck!


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