Friday, January 05, 2007

Back to school...

Well, I have been working out my class schedule today. I've also been working on some requirement technicalities with George Washington University. I am tentatively looking at the physician assistant program there because there's a decent possibility Washington, D.C. will be Jeff's and my next stop. I am crossing my fingers; the requirements at GWU are a little easier than some of the other schools I have looked at, so I will probably be done at the end of this semester - after I take the GRE, of course. But the one thing that might get me is psychology, believe it or not, because I haven't taken any psychology courses since 1999! So right now, I am waiting for a response from GWU as to whether some of the crazy honors classes I took at USC will satisfy the requirement or whether I need to get myself into abnormal psychology this semester (which, admittedly, would probably be a fun class anyway, and I wouldn't have to worry about a lab). I gave up on getting into anatomy and physiology; UH has given me way too much grief, and I didn't feel like fighting with anyone else - not to mention that it's one of those year-long courses, so I probably would have had to start in the middle. I'd like to have it before I start a PA program, especially if my contemporaries have it, so maybe I will look into it somewhere other than UH.

I am very, very much looking forward to going to a school other than UH, but for now, I am doing the best I can with the hand I've been dealt.

So anyway, this semester so far, I am registered to take the second halves of both biology and chemistry with labs, and I might be adding abnormal psych into the mix. I also am going to take the GRE, which means I probably should be preparing for the GRE. I found out I can apply to GWU's 2008 PA program as early as May - and that is early!!! The program runs from August 2008 full-time straight through August 2010. Other schools are slightly different - some start in June instead of August and graduate in May or December or other random times. It is going to be tough, but I am looking forward to classes a little less boring than introductory biology and chemistry!!!


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