Monday, March 20, 2006


While I was waiting for my flight from Honolulu to Cincinatti, OH, which left about three and a half hours after Jeff's flight, I was wandering around the airport and saw that the bathroom symbols were wearing Hawaiian apparel. This, of course, amused me to no end, and I decided that I MUST get a picture. I came out of the restroom with my camera aimed and ready to go, hoping no one would see how ridiculously touristy I was being (when really I am just very easily amused). I thought I had managed to sneakily perfom this task completely unseen, when an airport security guard came around the corner, saw me with my camera, smiled at me and said, "It IS pretty cute, isn't it!"

I spent part of my first weekend as a married woman in Beaufort, SC with my friends Nikki and Justine from Charlotte and Tracey from here in town cheering on my friend Brandon in the Parris Island Marine Corps triathlon. Nikki is doing Team in Training this year, so it's particularly of interest to her, and I want to give her as much help and advice as I can while I can still do it! It's different hearing things from someone who went from sedentary to triathlete as opposed to an Ironman coach - so I am glad that I've been able to help her out a bit.

My parents came to town this weekend, so they, Casey, Amber and I stuck to all those Columbia traditions we've made, including zonking out early watching sports and eating brunch at Lizard's Thicket. I seriously doubt they will have the thick, white Southern gravy and biscuits anywhere in Hawaii. Probably no sweet tea, either. What are we doing?!

And I think the cats realize that they are about to have to spend long periods of time on a plane; they both are acting schizophrenic.


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