Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend 2

This was Jeff's last weekend in San Diego; he flew out to Hawaii yesterday. The time difference is going to be interesting to deal with, but luckily it is only for a month. But time is going by soo sloowlllyyyy; I am tired of all of the planning and am ready to be out there with him!

I had a pretty busy weekend, of course, paring down seven years worth of stuff for the move, but I also had a gig with my second job as an independently-contracted television crew member. This time, I was working at the Gamecocks vs. Gators baseball game, the third of a series. I was operating the FoxBox, which is the icon on the top of the screen that tells you what bases runners are on, the score, the inning, the number of outs and the count. Unlike stage managing, it requires some skill other than barking out orders and bossing people around! I enjoyed it; it got a little hectic at times because the equipment wasn't exactly reliable, but I was able to stay interested. USC had a great game and won 21 to 4!

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