Friday, May 08, 2009

Texas trip

We just got back from an awesome week-long trip to Texas and are settling back into our life with a couple of disgruntled kitty cats. Zoe decided to punish us by scratching and crying at the bedroom door REALLY early this morning, so needless to say I am a bit out of it! I'll make up for the short entry with lots of links. You should click on them.

Our trip consisted of road trips to College Station, Brenham, San Antonio, and Weatherford. We put a ton of miles on the rental car and had a blast. The trip to Schlitterbahn didn't work out because only part of the park was open (and not the part Jeff likes), so instead we went to a jazz garden party at the San Antonio Botanical Garden. We also checked out La Villita along the San Antonio Riverwalk and ate tons of Tex Mex and Texas barbecue (which, I admit, was ten times better than North or South Carolina barbecue, so I can no longer pick on Jeff for being a snob). There was a gallery in La Villita that had fantastic original art, but unfortunately my taste is a bit expensive... but I did figure out which gallery (Monte Wade Fine Arts Gallery) and the artist (Arlene La Dell Hayes), so maybe at some point we'll go back or some of the Texas family can check her out! I like the ones that look like a little like Don Quixote riding across Mars.

And of course we went to the Alamo. It doesn't have a basement OR Peewee Herman's bike, in case you were wondering. I know I was! Jeff rediscovered his love for Big Red soda at a cute little Mexican craft store on the walk back to the hotel from there.

There are more pictures on our Photobucket site. I haven't quite gotten everything up yet, but it's a start! The pics in the blog are from the Bluebell Creamery, the San Antonio Botanical Garden, and, of course, the Alamo.

--(a very sleepy) jess

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