Friday, July 18, 2008

Camp and other news

As promised, a little update on my week at Camp Holiday Trails (the director informs me that she gets a Google alert when the name comes up, so hopefully she enjoys the pictures!)

(Left: Lauren (pediatric resident), me, Cindy (PA) and Becca (med student) took a joy ride in the golf cart and hung out with the horses. Right: group activity in the dining hall. Bottom: home sweet home for the week. More pictures in the Photobucket album)

I had a really good week. The campers were high spirited and energetic, and I enjoyed getting to know them. The food was fantastic (especially when I went in expecting something akin to what I had at Girl Scout camp growing up), and I enjoyed working with PAs, medical students, nursing students and a bunch of other people (mostly from the University of Virginia - and I have to admit, Charlottesville is very cute). Coming back to work was a bit of culture shock even though I was only gone a week; I would love to move somewhere smaller and friendlier than DC.

In other news, I've been offered an interview at the PA program at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA next month, so wish me luck! If I'm accepted, I'll start up full time in January, which would be fantastic. Jeff and I are negotiating some adventurous exploration of the Hampton Roads area while we're there...


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