Friday, January 04, 2008

...and, we're back!

Did you miss us?

We've moved into our new place in Alexandria, VA. It's very nice - good location and brand new; we've been spending this week acquiring new pieces of furniture and personal touches to make it feel more like home (which is pretty difficult in the absence of our furniture). Zeke is acclimating nicely, although Jess occasionally questions his sanity when he pesters to go on the balcony.

Jeff's heading back to work Monday, and Jess will be starting at Metropolitan ENT next week. She's looking forward to the research aspect and the change of pace.

Jeff put up curtains in the bedroom today. Don't they look pretty? Okay, the picture is a bit backlit, so come for a visit and check them out for yourself.

Our address has, of course, changed. Give us an email if you want it!

--jess & jeff

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