Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jeff added a title

Yesterday we drove circle isle again. We stuffed our faces with yummy food all day - Anna Miller's for breakfast, Bubbies ice cream for a snack, Kahuku shrimp, etc. We did the walk (it's a walk as opposed to a hike since it's paved the entire way, but there was definitely a fun incline...) up to the Makapuu lighthouse that overlooks the windward side of the island. The breeze was fantastic. Later in the day, we found a beach in Laie (Jess still finds it amusing that a word with four letters can have three syllables) where we waded out to Goat Island (there's a Hawaiian name for the island, but we're too lazy to look it up) and had a beach *almost* to ourselves. Afterward, we had shrimp at Giovanni's - one of Jess's coworkers said it was the best on the island. It was good, but definitely garlicky - we both preferred the volcano shrimp at the truck we visited with Jeff's parents last year!

--jeff and jess

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