Sunday, August 12, 2007


All finished with the second half of anatomy and physiology! Summer's been as productive it possibly could have been without Jeff here; I am coming out of three months of classes with two As, applications finished up, and some really good friends who live closer to the house.

My friend from class, AJ (the one on the left in red) and I got all gussied up after the final to meet Kris and her boyfriend Randy (he took the picture) for some dancing in Waikiki. We had so much fun! And by the way AJ is my height - I was wearing 4" heels and she was wearing 3". And Kris was wearing flats.

AJ and I tried to do a beach day today but were thwarted by rain. We went to the beach near Hickam Air Force Base, which is a Hawaii beach that's interesting in a different way - for those of you who've flown out here, you know that planes land at the airport on a runway that juts out into the ocean, so when you're in the plane, it almost looks like you're going to land in the water. Well, the runway for the airport is walking distance from the beach at Hickam, so from the beach, it almost looks like the planes are going to fly right into you! There were lots of boats and ships out right beyond where all the children were swimming and building sand castles. It's not my favorite beach, but it was close and different from anywhere else I've gone. For the record, my favorite is still Makupu.


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