Monday, April 17, 2006

Hula cat

It is very, very difficult to bring a pet to Hawaii. I discovered today that there is a 120-day waiting period between when Zeke gets his blood test (which is scheduled for tomorrow, now that I realized that, oh wait, that's not one of the things I'm supposed to get in yet another vet visit within 10 days of when he flies to Hawaii) and when he can come and live with Jeff and me in Mililani. 120 days. That is a LONG time. 120 days ago, Jeff and I didn't even know we were getting married! It's stressful, and I am trying to do what is best for Zeke, which I am pretty sure doesn't include spending that time in quarantine. Tomorrow will be the third vet trip Zeke has had this month - but, granted, one of those was because he has feline acne or an allergic reaction to his cat bowl that is making him break out around his mouth. As Linsey said, he's probably going to start asking for the car keys in a very short while.

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