Saturday, March 12, 2011

Five Years!

So, we obviously haven't posted in some time, but figured that our five year anniversary was a reasonable reason to make a note. Jess is visiting Jeff in Newport this weekend, just in time for the Saint Patrick's Day parade. The weather is cold but clear. We're planning to go out for a walk shortly, maybe to see some of the parade, but mostly just to take advantage of the time together.

Jess may have found a location in Virginia to fulfill her scholarship requirements, so there is the opportunity that we will be in proximity for some duration. We'll probably find out later this month, if she has the chance to get down for some interviews. She found out her graduation date: 12th of August, 2011.

Jeff is close to done in Newport and will head down to Virginia in early May for some follow on schools. His orders changed from the USS CARTER HALL to the USS WHIDBEY ISLAND, and he should be reporting some time in June.

Both Jess and Jeff have senioritis and look forward to being done with school. And also to spending the next five years together!

- j&j