Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jeff Spotting - Aqaba, Jordan

It has been awhile since I've indicated where I've been. After leaving Romania, we sailed south through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden to conduct counterpiracy operations as part of the Combined Task Force 151. Unfortunately, counterpiracy operations are not near as swashbuckling as Hollywood would have you believe. Modern counter piracy involves talking with merchant vessels passing by on the Bridge to Bridge radio to inquire if the merchant has seen any suspicious activity. Most vessels have not seen any such activity, so we continue on.

As a reprieve from this, the ship made a brief stop in Aqaba, Jordan in early September. The liberty policy in Aqaba was restrictive which allowed us only a few tours to Jordan cultural sites and a beer on the pier tent. Due to this restriction, my experience in Aqaba was fairly limited. Any time off the ship is time well appreciated, though.

In the meanwhile, I've been out here over three months now with an end still several months out. Jess continues to work on the house, and all the decisions she is making are making me homesick for a house I've only seen three times. Okay, okay. It's probably not the house that I'm homesick for.