Monday, June 06, 2011

Jeff Prepares to Deploy (Again)

It's that time again. I'm a day (or several - no idea really when) out from departing the US for a ship in the middle of the ocean. USS Whidbey Island is somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea. I'll fly from Norfolk to (probably) Italy and then take a helicopter ride to the ship. I'm not going to speculate on when I'll return outside of acknowledging that I should be home in time for Christmas.

In the meanwhile, I'm feeling very displaced. After graduating from SWOS in early May, I spent the week spring cleaning Jessica's Philadelphia apartment (it needed it - Whoa!) and cooking her dinner (I also made her breakfast a few times). Then I stopped down in D.C. to visit Jason and Kelly and the kids before heading to Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base for a short school. After that I spent just over a week, through Memorial Day, at a beach cottage on the Eastern Shore. Jess came down for the Memorial Day weekend and we spent a time looking at houses in Accomac County, which is where her clinic is located (we've put an offer on a place and will describe more once we get closer to closing). After several trips up and down the eastern shore, several times with Jess and once with her parents, I checked into a temporary Norfolk unit to arrange my travel to meet the ship. Traveling from the beach to Norfolk daily was tedious, so I moved out of the cottage into a hotel on base. Rather than spend the weekend doing nothing much in Norfolk, I once again visited Jason and Kelly then headed back up to Philadelphia...and then back to Norfolk to a different base hotel.

So, to sum up the month: Newport -> Philadelphia -> DC -> Norfolk -> Beach cottage -> up and down the eastern shore-> Norfolk -> DC -> Philadelphia -> Norfolk...

I'm beginning to think life at sea will be easier than all this travelling. As the adventures at sea occur, I'll keep you posted.


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