Sunday, October 25, 2009

Marine Corps Marathon 2009

I ran in the Marine Corps Marathon this morning (route displayed below). My watch time was 4:39:52, which is about 40 minutes slower than my goal time; my legs cramped at mile 20, so my running was hobbled and interspersed with lots of walking. I crossed that finish line, though, and am wondering if this is perhaps the least intelligent thing I've ever accomplished - I'm hurting from head to foot.

I'm currently thinking that I may never run this distance again, and I think I'm much more partial to ten-milers. However, the course itself was a pleasant run with lots of scenery and music along the way. The post race festivities in Arlington were very busy, although I managed to stumble to the Metro and make my way home to a shower and nap. I think it may be time for nap number two.


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