Monday, August 24, 2009

School Starts (Officially)

Both Jess and I started classes today (although she continues with gross anatomy). Although I recently took a minor promotion at work, am training for the Marine Corps Marathon, and taking three courses, I still think I have an easier work-load that she does!

I finished my Statistics course by the skin of my teeth. Toward the end I was concerned that my grade wouldn't be sufficient enough to keep my Navy funding. However, I pulled through on the final and ended with a "B" in the course. I've also come away knowing I will never again take another mathematics-based course online; I need more interaction and discussion to understand the material.

Back on July 25th I ran the Crystal City Twilighter 5K. Again I didn't do as well as I had wanted, and I'm either not as fast as I think I should be or the conditions were not amenable as I would have liked. My next planned race is the Army Ten-Miler on October 4th. Since the MCM is three weeks later, I don't plan to push for time, but rather expect to use it as just another weekend run. Finally, I joined Potomac Runners last week to find some people to run with on the normal weekday runs; I think it will be good to have fellow runners to encourage me on a regular basis.

My tomato plant has taken off in the last week, and I started a salad pack on the Aerogarden. Maybe I'll be able to have locally-grown fresh salads in the next few weeks. Maybe the tomato will last through the winter since it is inside...

Jess and I are figuring out Labor Day plans. We will try to keep you posted of anything exciting.


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